Nunthorpe Exploratory Session 1 with Helle - 17/01/2024

District Mission Enabler Helle Sewell is helping us explore calling in this specific time and what steps can be taken to develop mission in our church.

The first session began with 2 questions:

1. If you knew you could not fail, what would you most want to do for your church?

2. What specific goal or project could you realistically aim to achieve in the next 12 months that would contribute to this?

THEN we moved onto 4 more questions. This is because our ability to feel positive in the moment when we feel hope can sometimes disappear when we begin to chat about it to others who were not present at the meeting.

These 4 questions also help us to see what resources we say we have and what are the obstacles we are going encounter on the way to making a decision about our mission activity.

Helle has some initial reflections:

I am hoping that when you are reading this document that you start seeing patterns. If you wish you can underline the common themes and share with others what you are seeing.

Through the 3 sessions I am offering you will see the process of moving towards fully understanding why we do what we do. Mission will affect everyone who comes through the doors at your church. We need to arrive at a place where we understand what the conditions are going to be when we do it? Do we feel safe doing it? What are the habits that we need to break?