I am Susan Greenwood, minister of Nunthorpe Methodist church for the last 10 years.

I feel it's been a privilege to be part of the loving and caring church family here at Nunthorpe.

The family is made up of women and men, boys and girls of all ages who worship, witness and enjoy the Christian life together. Every one is welcome to be part of our church family.

Please come along and share with us as we all grow closer to Jesus as his followers. We have many activities in addition to worship including House Groups, Bible Studies, Prayer and Singing groups. So please come along either to worship or to one of our groups.

Revd. Susan Greenwood   (Sue)

Dear friends,

Writing this letter for MEMO there are only 55 shopping days left to Christmas -and that's excluding Sundays! But there's still plenty of time to do everything that you traditionally do. By the time you read this, there'll be fewer little windows to open on your Advent Calendar and less time for your Advent Candle to burn down but, in the inimitable words of Clive Dunn from Dad's Army: 'Don't Panic!'

Of course God had much more time to prepare -he'd been planning Christmas from the foundation of the world and when the time was just right, his messengers         announced to humble shepherds and to wealthy Eastern wise men that the time had come. All the planning, all the preparation, all that risk to make his deepest thoughts of Love become a Word -the Logos had became a reality -and they named him    Jesus. The most beautiful and costly Love Song ever sung. It's almost beyond our comprehension -isn't that what Charles Wesley was intimating when he wrote one of the most wonderful hymns we have:

                        'Let earth and heaven combine.' (Singing the Faith 208)

Looking over my Christmases in the Circuit, high on my list of things I'm glad to be part of is the MAP Nativity, started by Rev Rosemary Nash, it's one of the most   humbling and inspiring celebrations I've ever been part of. Our Refugees and Asylum seeker friends bring the story of the incarnation to life. . . The art of compromise makes the story even more special with wise women as well as men! Shepherds with safety pins holding their tea towel headdresses in place and always, a real live baby -even though sometimes it's been a baby girl -how radical is that!

If you haven't been yet, I would warmly invite you to come and witness something which will warm your hearts and make the Carols we sing, mean even more. Held in church at Avenue on 11th December beginning at approximately 11.00am. You will be made most welcome. . . and there will still be eleven more shopping days to Christmas!

With my Love to you all at Christmas and throughout 2020