What is a typical Sunday service like at Nunthorpe Methodist Church?

A typical service lasts roughly for an hour.  11am until Noon

When you walk into our buildings you will be greeted by a member of the congregation who will offer you a weekly notice sheet.

In our notice sheets you will find a list of events taking place during the following weeks both in church and our community.

An Example Order of Service

A section focused on the younger members of the church

Children leave for their activities elsewhere in the building. We call this CoGs (Children of God Squad)
Reading(s) from the Bible
Sending out Prayer

Refreshments - If there is no Communion

We often use "The Methodist Worship Book"   which has a detailed order of each set Methodist service.  However, the person leading worship may choose to follow their own "Order of Worship" and we always try to print those details in the notice sheet.

Some More Detail...

Hymn Song

You will find a hymn book in the rail in front of your seat. We generally use the Red book Singing The Faith.  You will be reminded of the hymn numbers before each hymn, they are also listed on the wall hangers left and right of the front pews. We also try to list them on the order of service.

The musician(s) will play the first phrases or verse as an introduction and we stand ready to sing.

We enjoy singing together. Some have excellent voices, some are better suited to the football stadium, others just mime. There is nothing in the Methodist Church that says you must join in..!


We encourage the younger children to close their eyes but this is only to help concentrate on the ideas within the prayer.   Sometimes the leader will explain they would like you to respond in a particular way.  We use the Lords Prayer at some point in most services.

CoGs  - Children of God Squad

Many people will remember Sunday School. Originally setup because children did not have school in the working week, Sunday School was a school on Sundays. Today our children enjoy learning about the Christian belief and values, mostly in a "play" environment. Visiting children are encouraged to join with CoGs in their events elsewhere in the building or even outside in our play garden.

If your child is uncertain and would like you to join them this is fine. Once your child has settled you are welcome to come back in to the service.

If we are having Communion (Sacrament) the Children will rejoin the main body of church.

Collection Gift

At some point you will hear  that a collection will be taken. You are not forced to put money in the collection plate! We take voluntary donations to help the church with its mission and ministry.

Communion - Sacrament

During communion, if you wish to go up to the alter with everyone to receive bread and wine please feel free to do so. To indicate that you would like bread or wine please place your hands above the rail. To indicate that you would like a blessing instead of bread and wine please keep your hands below the rail. If you don't wish to take communion or receive a blessing then you're welcome to remain in your seat. Everyone is welcome at the Methodist Communion.  Nunthorpe uses normal bread and non alcoholic wine.

After the service, to continue our fellowship with each other, we stay behind for tea or coffee. This is a great opportunity to get to know each other. We love meeting new guests.

Baptism - Christening Service

Baptism is a fabulous moment in church life. A moment when a person is officially part of the Christian family. If you are family and friends of the soon to be 'new member  of our family', we encourage you to sit at the front of the church. You will get a better view!  Enjoy.

Noisy Children.

Almost every member of our church is either a parent or grandparent or carer. Whether your child is cooing in its cot, crying because big brother wont share the hymn book or simply will not sit still.. We've been there and honestly understand.  Try your best to encourage respect for the other members of the congregation. We are more likely to be thinking "I remember my youngster doing that",  than anything negative. Standing with your child at the side or the back of the church seems to work wonders. Go out and play with a toy and come back all works for us.

Hearing Loop & Sound System

The person leading worship and those assisting use microphones. This signal is available for those with suitably equipped aids. (T) mode. Please mention any problems to our technician who sits at the back of the church.

To Sum Up

This is a family church. Its members range from newborn to those closer to their journeys end.

You are already welcome and now it is only a little step to come and say hello.