Get Talking

Building on the "Table Talk" game of 80 laminated question cards,
participants are encouraged by sharing of views and memories associated
with the different topics.

There are questions on all sorts of topics like: How did you meet your husband/wife/best friend? If you could enter a time machine, what time period would you go to? What are your memories of illnesses or hospital when you were a child? What's one thing you know for sure?

During our one hour session, the group shares thoughts and opinions on 3 to 5 subjects, leaving the rest for another time. Everyone contributes and the group takes time to listen to the individual stories. Everyone has a story to tell and we love listening to the shared memories.

Laughter and Discovery

There is a lot of laughter and discovery in a Table Talk session. At one get together we discovered that most of the people had had diphtheria as a child, with varying treatments! Some had had tonsillectomies and with their parents promptly caught the bus home!  We learned that N had met his wife at a youth club dance many, many years ago but still remembered the dress she wore had a square neck and puff sleeves!  We thought that looking down from heaven, she was probably very proud of him!

Come and Join In

Our Table Talk starts at 1:30pm on the last Thursday of the Month - except July, August and December.
Look out for the reminders in the Church Notices.

Table Talk the next meeting is Thursday 30th January 1:30-3:00pm