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19th May 2024
Martyn Laverick LP

While he was with his disciples Jesus said, 'I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate, to be with you forever.' We come to celebrate God’s gift today.

Hymn: 398

Singing the Faith 398 There’s a spirit in the air

Assistive Reading Version


God of all, when we are tired, send your spirit of energy; when we are jaded, send your spirit of refreshment; when we are hesitant, send your spirit of confidence; when we are complacent, send your spirit of challenge;when we are afraid, send your spirit of courage; when we are divided, send your spirit of unity; when we are inward-looking, send your spirit of mission – that your love and grace may spill out from us into your world.

The Lords Prayer


Acts 2:1-21


 Our reading relates some very dramatic events. A sound like rushing wind and what appeared to be tongues of fire. Men had a great experience and were changed.  The disciples were changed from being a group, fearful and in hiding to a company speaking with power and confronting the world.  All this, led by Peter a man who had been so afraid that he 3 times denied being a follower of Jesus.  Now they were standing up and speaking. Not only speaking but speaking in different languages so that every man there heard the message in his own language.

We must not though, think that the coming of the Holy Spirit is only associated with the spectacular and it is important that we recognise that that is not the only way we can experience the Spirit.  

The Holy Spirit may not empower us to speak with authority to huge crowds.  It may however inspire us to pray for someone who so badly needs prayer and support.

The Holy Spirit may not suddenly allow us to speak in a foreign language.  It may however inspire us to pick up the phone and relieve someones loneliness.

The Holy Spirit may not give us the words to convert 3000 people as Peter did that day but he may give us the wisdom when we are with people who are troubled of knowing just when to speak and the words to say and, possibly more important, when to keep silent and be a good listener or of knowing when all that is needed is to weep with those who are weeping.

It is very unlikely that the Spirit will call on any of us to do anything dramatic or spectacular but we must not dismiss whatever we do as having little point or that it is not worth bothering with. The Spirit calls or inspires us for a reason and we can be certain that when we follow the Spirit’s promptings, whatever they lead us to, our words, our silence, our presence, our actions will, with the Spirit’s help, bring some element of consolation or help where it is needed.  Listen for the Spirit.


Hymn: Singing the Faith 664
Lord, you call us to your service


Gracious God, as your people gather together to celebrate the coming of your Spirit in different languages and in different cultures, speak to us through the tongues of Pentecost, with the gentleness of a dove and the disturbing energy of living flames.

Speak peace to those who are violated by war and live in fear of violence.
Speak freedom to those in prison and to those imprisoned by addictions.
Speak hope to those who suffer injustice, to those who are exploited.
Speak forgiveness to those wracked by guilt, to those who long to begin again.
Speak encouragement to those struggling financially, to those who are exhausted.
Speak wisdom to your Church and to all in positions of influence.
Speak healing to those who are suffering.
Speak love to all who feel unloved, those who have been betrayed.
Speak resurrection life to all people and all creation.
Speak comfort to those who mourn.



Singing the Faith 397

The Spirit lives to set us free


May the Holy Spirit of God breathe hope into our hearts, transform our fears, and bless us with the gifts of courage, compassion and understanding, that we may share our faith with renewed confidence and new commitment.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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