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Safeguarding Policy

Thank you for considering recording a bible reading.

There are many people locally and around the world accessing our worship at home content via the Circuit website.

Although the concept was an initial response to a difficult situation we found ourselves in, it has been decided that as it is so valued  we should continue....

Our Ministers and Local Preachers have committed to preparing worship in this format and you are invited to join the act of worship.

Each week the leader provides the text and choice of hymns and we would love to hear from those who would read a Bible passage.

The passage can be recorded in different ways depending on your technical skill and equipment.

Essentially, we need an audio recording.  This can be done on a smart-phone, computer, tablet, over the telephone or even in person at your home.

If you have a mobile device there is almost always a pre installed application to record a voice or memo.  We can point you to a free version if needed.

If you have Windows 10 PC it has a free recorder built in.

If you have a phone  you can be recorded over a normal telephone.

If you live in the Middlesbrough area we can arrange a visit to record you at home.

If you are interested please email or telephone 01642 300355