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Rev Susan Greenwood (Superintendent)
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Page last updated 22/12/18

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Communion - Share Bread & Wine as Jesus did with his disciples

Methodists encourage eveyone to share communion bread and wine. On the days when we celebrate communion, we give the young folk the longest time to enjoy their activities and then ask them to rejoin the main body of the church to partake.

Nunthorpe church bless and use ordinary bread and alcohol free wine.

Neither you or your child needs to be a member of the church to accept communion but if you would prefer a blessing instead, simply don’t lift your hands to take the bread. The Minister will often place their hand on the head or shoulder, saying a short blessing.

If you or your child do not wish to come to the communion table, this is also acceptable. You will not be focused upon. Some may have already attended a service earlier or perhaps have an allergy to the wheat, so you will not stand out.
Feel comfortable… you and your child are our guests.

Parents are very welcome to stay with younger children whilst they are getting to know the church and their fellow group members.

Cogs - the Children of God Squad meets each week as part of Sunday Worship.

There are currently 3 age groups:

Primary under 7's    Juniors 7 yrs to 11 yrs   Seniors 11 yrs and older

The young people in CoGS join the church family for the first part of the Sunday worship and then go to their activities elsewhere in the building.

The activities within all the sessions reflect our Methodist teachings but are crafted so that new members and visitors can enjoy their time with us.

If there is time and weather permitting.. activities may spill out in to Noahs play garden!

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We wanted to learn some more modern hymns and get the youngest of our family involved with music. These are the CoGs songs that will be included in the services.





28 October 2018

Love the Lord Your God

Sundays Cool


04 November 2018

Christ Be Our Light

Singing The Faith


11 November 2018

Give It All You've Got

Sundays Cool


18 November 2018

God Created The All

Sundays Cool


25 November 2018

All Are Welcome

Singing The Faith


02 December 2018

Give Me Joy In My Heart

Singing The Faith


09 December 2018

Glory To God Above

Common Ground


16 December 2018

Thankyou For Loving Me

Sundays Cool


23 December 2018

Count Your Blessings

Sundays Cool


30 December 2018

Everywhere Around Me

Sundays Cool


06 January 2019


Sundays Cool


13 January 2019

Praise To The One

Sundays Cool


20 January 2019


Common Ground


27 January 2019

Go Tell It On The Mountain



03 February 2019

Up Times Down Times

Sundays Cool


10 February 2019

He'll Be There

Sundays Cool


17 February 2019

Colours of Day

Singing The Faith





02 September 2018

Matthew 19

Suffer Little  Children

Promotion Sunday

09 September 2018

Luke 11

Visitor at midnight  - persistence in prayer

AGM short service

16 September 2018

Luke 12:16-21

Richer Farmer

23 September 2018

Matthew 13:24-30

Wheat and weeds  - harvest good allow evil

30 September 2018

Harvest service

All age service

07 October 2018

Bible structure

14 October 2018

Joshua 2

Joshua Spies

21 October 2018

Joshua 6

Joshua Walls of Jericho

28 October 2018

Prayers - how do we write

04 November 2018

Saints  / Sparrows

All souls

11 November 2018

Nativity intro

18 November 2018

Nativity  / Daniel & Lion

25 November 2018

Nativity / Greatest commandment

02 December 2018

Nativity / Christmas story

09 December 2018

Nativity *

16 December 2018

Christingle *

All age service ?

23 December 2018

30 December 2018

Joint Service ?

06 January 2018

Matthew 2

Epiphany  - Kings arriving

13 January 2018

Luke 2 :41-52

Jesus goes missing - temple

20 January 2018

John 2 1-11

Jesus changes water to wine

27 January 2018

Matthew 4

Fishers of men

* Please note the Nativity and the Christingle dates have altered from the original service plan