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13th October 2020

Dear Friends,

I write this pastoral letter as Carolyn and I continue to settle in to life in Middlesbrough.  We are slowly getting to know people, but this is a prolonged process as the usual opportunities to meet and make contact are not available.  I am conscious that while I and many others remain in good spirits through the pandemic, there are some who find the  present restrictions extremely difficult both financially and in terms of isolation and mental health.  I hope this letter may offer a little encouragement to those who are anxious, but if a friendly phone call would help then please do not hesitate to call or drop me an email.  I may not be able to have a coffee (and biscuit) with you, but I can talk, pray on the phone and perhaps put you in touch with further help if needed.  

At the present time our public acts of worship on a Sunday morning are continuing in a socially distanced way.  We offer a Covid secure environment for worship, but I realise that there are many of you who cannot attend church at present because of personal vulnerabilities.  I know it is not the same as gathering together, but I hope by now you are aware of worship resources available on the circuit website and through the printed sheet distributed each week (  From the circuit website you can also link to an excellent weekly blogged sermon from my colleague, Revd. Christopher Wood-Archer and to a weekly thought from our local preacher's secretary Dave Elliott.  One resource you may not be aware of is an audio visual narration of the lectionary gospel reading from a Methodist Minister who is a natural story teller.  You can find his weekly readings on

If you are technologically challenged (many of us are) and cannot access websites then may I point you to the freephone Methodist Church dial a prayer service.  You can listen to a prayer (updated every week) on 0808 281 2514.  The Church of England have a more comprehensive freephone line (0800 804 8044) where you can hear a message from the Archbishop of Canterbury, daily prayers, favourite hymns, and several other options.  

I hope the above resources are useful to you.  We have no way of knowing how long these present restrictions on our worship and common life will last, but I do hope you will keep yourselves safe and keep in touch with one another through phone calls and online media.  Above all keep praying for each other, for the church and for the nation as we move through these unprecedented times.

With my prayers and best wishes to you all,

Revd. David Godfrey.

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