Page last updated - 24 May, 2019 

Safeguarding Policy


Going back to the early 1950’s, a friend and I were working nights on Ward Six, Female Medical Ward at Middlesbrough General Hospital.

We were working our way around the sixteen bedded ward about 9.00pm and we had a patient admitted. The lady had been in a few times before, she was a diabetic and had lapsed into a diabetic coma.

We hastened to undress her and put her nightdress on ready for the Doctor to examine her.
We were a bit surprised to see she was wearing men's underpants, and said we wondered why she was wearing them.

The next evening when we started our work, this patient was beckoning us to go to her bedside, she was laughing when she said “I could hear you two last night talking about my pants — I had a septic spot and mine were rubbing on it, so I borrowed my husbands.”

This proves that unconscious people do hear what is said at their bedside so just continue to talk to them and reassure them.

Eileen Moon